As a mother in the thick of raising 2 little boys I found myself wondering what came next for me in my career. After years of going back and forth, and so in essence just standing still, I decided to work with Sindy to try to break through the indecision. In a very short amount of time she helped bring clarity to my career trajectory. I am so happy that I made the choice to just dive in and to let Sindy guide me through the mental fog that was keeping me from making any real forward movement. I encourage anyone who is feeling stuck or sluggish to let a life coach help you to see things in a new way. And I whole-heartedly recommend Sindy to anyone who is ready to make some changes!

The changes in my life were significant this year. I felt lost and uncertain of who I was becoming as I transitioned back to Cleveland. I knew, I needed support reinventing a new vision for my best life.

Choosing Sindy as my life coach was my first step on my journey back to my authentic self. Her effervescent energy, intellect and compassion are just a few of the many values she embodies.

In our partnership, Sindy creates a culture of empowerment and playfulness. She asks intelligent questions to uncover the limiting beliefs and patterns which have become my protective barriers.
We reframe and establish action steps for growth and transformation.

In our sessions, I am learning to stand in my power as an independent and strong woman knowing I have everything I need within myself. Sindy’s coaching is her superpower.