Blue Tree Coaching is based on the belief that we all have a best self – a version of ourselves that is joyful, fulfilled, intentional, and able to skillfully navigate the inevitable ups and downs of our lives.  This highest potential is within us all, though it can sometimes be hard to access.  Blue Tree Coaching provides a partnership that enables you to create the life you want.  The life where your roots are strong and grounded so you can ascend towards your highest goals and values.

Blue Tree Coaching has five branches, each one building on the next to empower you to attain the results you are looking for in any given area of your life.  They are mindfulness, clarity, compassion, action, and achievement.  Each of these branches is an essential piece of the Blue Tree growth model.

There are times when everyone needs a little extra support in life.  Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your career, or undergoing mid-life transitions, or looking for work/life balance.  Maybe you’re working on personal goal setting, or increasing overall well-being, or improving your relationships.  Coaching is a powerful tool that empowers you to get unstuck and move forward with purpose.

Sindy founded Blue Tree Coaching out of a desire to help others live their best lives. As a lawyer, published author, and highly regarded meditation and yoga teacher, she knows what it takes to succeed.

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